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Future for All | 93rd Future Farmers of America (FFA) Convention 2020

by Tamkanat Ahmad
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Future Farmers Convention 2020

Going to be Held Virtually In 2020, Live Event Schedule for Tuesday, 27th October is Below.

The 93rd National Convention of Future Farmers of America (FFA) going to be held virtually this year starting from October 27th-29th, 2020. Stay connected on cropforlife to be informed about the everyday proceedings of the convention.

Schedule for Live Events on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020.

All the convention events will be available virtually, according to EDT time.

  • 10:30 AM. Exhibitor Live-Chats
  • 11:00 AM. Welcome Session
  • 11:30 AM. F.F.A Blue Room-Live
  • 11:30 AM. Connections Room
  • 1:00 PM. F.F.A Blue Room-Live
  • 1:30 PM. Exhibitor Live-Chats
  • 1:30 PM. Pre-Sessions
  • 2:00 PM. Session-1
  • 3:30 PM. Ask a National-Officer
  • 3:30 PM. F.F.A Blue Room-Live
  • 3:30 PM. Connections Room
  • 4:00 PM. Delegate Business Session-1
  • 5:00 PM. F.F.A Blue Room-Live
  • 6:30 PM. Exhibitor Live-Chats
  • 6:30 PM. Pre-Sessions
  • 7:00 PM. Session-2
  • 8:45 PM. American F.F.A Degree-Recognition
  • 10:30 PM. Session-2 (West-Coast Replay)

The schedule for the National Future Farmers Convention is subjected to change anytime.

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