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Kissan Day 2020 | Pakistan

by Edward Buckler
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2nd kissan day

Lahore: To pay tribute to national farmers in Pakistan, 2nd Kissan Day is observed on 18 December 2020 with huge enthusiasm. Kissan Day is observed to appreciate the important role of farmers in the country’s economic prosperity.

Farmers are the most valuable citizens. They are the most energetic, independent, virtuous, they are connected with their country and are bound by the strongest ties with its freedom and interests.

Thomas Jefferson

A recent public opinion poll showed that small landholder farmers face significant challenges and want their voices to be heard. Meanwhile, 90% of farmers are owning land less than 12 acres because of which total crop production is declining, while production costs for these small landholder farmers are increasing significantly.

The constantly changing climate, biotic, and abiotic stresses severely affect the abilities of farmers to grow crops, as well as reduce yields, which leads to economic losses. However, farmers being hopeful continue to do farming and play a remarkable role in the country’s economy and food supply.

Sarsabz Pakistan

It is essential that farmers are recognized for their tireless efforts. In appreciation and tribute to farmer’s efforts, Fatima Fertilizer’s Sarsabz, Pakistan’s leading fertilizer producer, has taken the initiative to launch their “Salam Kissan” campaign in Pakistan.


The celebration of this kissan day aims to pay deserved honor to farmers and their families and tribute for their selfless actions, despite pandemics and the climatic conditions.

CropForLife Tribute on Kissan Day

Farmers are the magicians who produce money from the soil and while growing crops they cultivate humanity and perfection. The farmers are the only ones in the economy who buys every-thing at retails, sell at whole-sale, and pays the transportation on both sides.

As farmers, we understand how lovingly, like a newborn child, a farmer tends to his crop from sowing to harvest and hardly brings it to market at an unjustified price.

At CropForLife, on this 2nd Kissan Day, we pay tribute to farmers for their tireless efforts, and we will always keep our voices up for the rights of our farmers and strive to participate in developing policies to improve the agricultural sector.

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