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Which Career Combines DNA Technology And Agriculture?

by Edward Buckler
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which career combines DNA technology and agriculture

Agricultural biotechnology is a profession that combines DNA technology and agriculture to produce and develop genetically modified and improved plant genotypes to gain high yield and resistance against biotic and abiotic stress factors.

Uses of Agriculture Biotechnology

Agricultural biotechnology can be applied in multiple prospects to improve worldwide agriculture. Like by applying agriculture biotechnology researchers can develop genotypes with resistance to heat stress which is a rising factor for yield decline globally.

As we know that because of rising global warming several important food crops are facing a huge decline in yield resulting in a broken and insufficient supply of food worldwide. Therefore, to overcome global food issues agriculture biotechnology can be proved very helpful.

Moreover, agriculture biotechnology can help the plants to develop resistance against disease-causing agents to avoid significant yield loss. Like rust and smut in wheat can be controlled by using genetically resistant genotypes for cultivation.


Furthermore, researchers are now developing GMOs to combat the global food insufficiency issues by providing more nutritious food to people. GMOs can be very helpful in providing food to under developing nations. Researchers believe that instead of supplying bulk food to a single person, it would be more suitable to provide them with less food but with high nutritional value, and this way global food pressure can be reduced.

Besides other uses, agricultural biotechnology can also be used to artificially develop the organic compounds present in living organisms. By developing organic compounds, we can easily control the supply of specific yield and growth improving chemicals, nutrients, enzymes, or hormones to plants so that instead of focusing on vegetative growth plants can quickly move to reproductive growth.

Generally Asked Question

Which career combines DNA technology and agriculture?

  1. Pharmaceuticals ❌
  2. Paternity Testing ❌
  3. Nutraceuticals
  4. Genetics ❌

Nutraceuticals is a biotechnology approach in which supplements are developed through genetic engineering and DNA technology to help the crops gain health and the ability to prevent diseases.


Nutraceuticals mainly refer to naturally occurring and artificially formulated products present in living organisms like vitamins, amino acids, carotenoids, enzymes, lipoic acid, and herbals.


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