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SpaceJLTZ Announced To Use Terrastream’s Hyperspectral Data For Precision Agriculture

by Muhammad Arslan
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SpaceJLTZ Announced To Use Terrastream’s Hyperspectral Data For Precision Agriculture

As part of SpaceX’s Transporter-2 mission, the SpaceJLTZ payload will launch on the high-performance D2/Atlacom-1 nanosatellite, developed by the Hyperactive Consortium.

WATERLOO, Ontario, on June 24, 2021, in an announcement, Waterloo-based space technology startup announced it has agreed to deliver data management capabilities to SpaceJLTZ, the Puebla-based commercial satellite company.

The SpaceJLTZ company was established in 2020 to empower people to use space technology to address social, economic, and government challenges. SpaceJLTZ, a member of the HyperActive consortium, understands that emerging regions historically have not had equal access to satellite data. As such, SpaceJLTZ plans to use Earth observation data to improve life in Mexico, as well as worldwide.

Agricultural exports amount to nearly $29 billion in 2019. Mexico’s economy highly depends on the agriculture industry, which employs over 12% of the national workforce. A small portion of Mexican exports come from large, export-oriented agribusinesses, but the majority are small, privately owned operations that have difficulty gaining access to the technological advancements necessary to compete successfully in lucrative export markets.

According to José Luis Terreros Corrales, CEO at SpaceJLTZ, “We believe the use of Earth observation data enables small-scale farmers to practice precision agriculture and improve crop yields. In order to help level up the playing field for agricultural workers, we believe our technology can help. In terms of our economic relationship with the U.S. and other countries, commercial agriculture has been extremely beneficial. However, it has also led to an increase in income inequality.”


SpaceJLTZ Precision Agriculture

SpaceJLTZ will utilize SkyWatch’s TerraStream platform in order to manage, order, process, and deliver data. Satellite operators can scale their businesses with analysis-ready data and shorter time to market by leveraging the turnkey data management platform. As part of SkyWatch’s EarthCache platform, TerraStream customers can now provide GIS and application developers with high-quality satellite imagery on demand, which can dramatically expand their market reach.

Our partnership with SpaceJLTZ is an honor, says James Slifierz, CEO of SkyWatch. Together we will democratize access to Earth observation data, allowing more people around the world to benefit from high-quality, affordable hyperspectral data. We are excited about working with SpaceJLTZ on this important project.”

About TerraStream


In terms of satellite data operators, TerraStream is an integrated data management solution that handles all data-related operations from the ground station to the customer.


About Skywatch


The goal of SkyWatch is to offer Earth Observation data to the world. Every day, spacecraft capture trillions of pixels of the Earth. Our team is the first to connect satellite operators and application developers with the help of space data aggregation software we developed in the past.

About SpaceJLTZ

The company is a leader in developing and deploying space-related innovations such as the Earth Observation (EO), Internet of Things (IoT), and space mission designs, construction, launch, and operations.

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