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Old Farmers Day: Tribute To Hard Work & Techniques

by Tamkanat Ahmad
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Old Farmers Day

Agriculture and farming today are largely mechanized and very scientific, but these developments would not have been possible without the wisdom and hard work of old farmers.

Old Farmers Day is to give them thanks, to listen to them and to their stories, and to learn from them and their techniques.

While the origins of the holiday are unknown, Old Farmers Day is celebrated by many as a throwback to sustainable and farm-to-table farming practices of the old days.

Varied Culture and History

Farming and agriculture have a long and varied history in every culture. Despite the differences on what is grown, how farming is done, and what materials are used, one thing remains common to all agricultural societies – the farmer.


Farmers are the lifeline of agriculture – they tend to the agricultural product from the time of sowing to the time it reaches the market. It is because of hardworking farmers around the world, that most of us have food on our tables every day.

How to Celebrate?

  • Learn about old farming techniques.
  • If you own a farm, farm today using old farmers tools.
  • If you have an old farmer in your life, take them out for lunch and listen to their stories and ask for their wisdom.
  • Not a farmer? That shouldn’t stop you from celebrating this fun holiday. Visit your local farmer’s market and patronize your local farms. Buy only locally grown food and locally raised meat. Get involved in your local farm-to-table movement.

Old Farmers Day Observances

  • Year | Weekday | Date
  • 2021 | Tue | 12 Oct
  • 2022 | Wed | 12 Oct
  • 2023 | Thu | 12 Oct
  • 2024 | Sat | 12 Oct
  • 2025 | Sun | 12 Oct
  • 2026 | Mon | 12 Oct
  • 2027 | Tue | 12 Oct
  • 2028 | Wed | 12 Oct
  • 2029 | Thu | 12 Oct
  • 2030 | Fri | 12 Oct

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