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Mystical Agriculture | MineCraft Game Mod To Grow Crops

by Tamkanat Ahmad
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Mystical Agriculture

Mystical agriculture is a game mod in Minecraft developed by BlackBro. It is an awesome mod that comes with an awesome agricultural representation. It allows the game player to grow crops and earn resources and ores to boost up its winnings. This kind of game can develop a great agricultural awareness among youngsters. They can understand the importance of agriculture for a healthy and prosperous life.

It is an upgraded version of a previous mod magical crops by Mark 719. The previous version includes some common and rare plants, resources, and systems like wheat crop or plant break replant system.

However, it is now way better than the previous version because of the addition of new ores, armor styles, handy tools, and useful utility items. Mystical agriculture now supports several resources like:

  • Batania
  • Thermal foundation
  • Mekanism
  • Twilight forest

It is a gaming mod that allows the user to grow orchards and get food and earn ores and points. In this mod the player can utilize minerals agricultural materials and mystical seeds to grow their resources. Moreover, the developers have also introduced a new resource version “Infusion Altar” to make mystical seeds by yourself.

Addition to other awesome mods, the player now can grow zombies by planting mobs in the garden and can make the game more interesting. Furthermore, the mystical agriculture growth accelerator block makes things even more interesting. In this mod, there are two new ores have been added as well to make things more realistic and interesting.

  • Prosperity Ore
  • Inferium Ore

Using these ores, the player can grow a variety of crops and after that can generate essence which can be later crafted into useful game resources. Because of the new mineral resource “Inferium” player can easily create 5 weapon levels with a variety of tools and armors in it to further use in the game.

Mystical Agriculture Features

This new mod of Minecraft includes several awesome features and resources which make the game more interesting and informative. There are several types of natural resources that have been provided by which the player can grow crops and make new structures. Moreover, there are a lot of agricultural products have been introduced in this mystical agriculture mod by which the youngsters can learn about agriculture.

Game Resources

Vanilla Resources, Mob Drops, Ore Dictionary Resources Gems, Thermal Foundation, Tinkers’ Construct, Ender IO, Botania, IndustrialCraft 2, Mekanism, Base Metals, Chisel, Forestry, Galacticraft, Ars Magica 2, Quark, Biomes O’ Plenty, Draconic Evolution, Extreme Reactors, Applied Energistics 2, Refined Storage



  • Level 1-4 the usual tools.
  • Level 5 unbreakable tools with an upgradation option using “Charms”.


  • Level 1 armor the usual one.
  • Level 2-4 armors come with bonus abilities if fully suited-up. Abilities like under-water breathing, step assistance, and fall safety.
  • Level 5 armor allows flying with an upgradation option using “Charms”. The upgradation improves wither resistance, speed, and more.


  • Essence Furnace – To cook your items quicker. Uses less fuel similar to a normal furnace.
  • The Ultimate Furnace – Cook items insanely fast. Using fuel similar to normal.
  • Essence Apples – Gives you extra buffs. Buffs include speed, regeneration, strength, and more and lasts for 2min.
  • Essence Coal – Burns for a longer time.

Get Started

  • First, you have to mine for Prosperity and Inferium ore.
  • Next, create some seed bases for the creation of your desired seeds.
  • Craft seeds using Infusion Altar or Pedestals.
  • Create some inferium seeds – to get more inferium essence on the harvest.
  • Then the essence farmland will be created by crafting vanilla farmland.
  • Destroying mobs will earn you additional inferium essence.
  • Normal resource seeds will require respective resources along with the seed level.
  • For a level upgrade, you will have to get an infusion crystal.
  • Mob seeds will need soul jars – to get souls, destroy the mobs with Soulium Daaggeer.
  • Tools and Armors can be created using the inferium and supremium essences.
  • Moreover, you can upgrade tools and armors.
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