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FMC Launches New Authority Supreme Herbicide in U.S. and Canada

by Claudia Ringler
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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – FMC Agricultural Solutions introduces Authority Supreme herbicide, a new tool to combat resistant weeds, for the 2018 growing season. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency have granted registration for Authority Supreme herbicide in soybeans, sunflowers and dry field peas.

Authority Supreme herbicide provides two sites of action to combat resistant weeds. The combination of a Group 14 PPO herbicide with the newest Group 15 herbicide molecule enables long-lasting residual control of small-seeded broadleaf weeds and grasses. The new herbicide is effective against ALS, triazine, HPPD, ESPS (glyphosate) and PPO herbicide resistant weed biotypes.

It controls a spectrum of weeds including waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, pigweed, nightshade, lambsquarters, kochia, morningglories, smartweed, foxtail, barnyard grass and fall panicum.

Available in a low-use-rate formulation, Authority Supreme herbicide is labeled for fall and spring preplant and preemergence applications, up to three days after planting. It can be used in LibertyLink, Roundup Ready, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend and conventional soybeans as well as Clearfield, ExpressSun, conventional, oil and confectionary sunflowers.

Authority Supreme herbicide is part of the FMC Freedom Pass Program, which includes application innovations, agronomic rewards, product financing and product assurances.

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