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China-Pak Agricultural Cooperation Is Needed Says PBF

by Sayeda Kinza Amna
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China-Pak Agricultural Cooperation

LAHORE: Agricultural collaboration with China will give direction to move forward to adopt international practices in Pakistan as well as stimulate economic and social development.

Talking to APP here Sunday, Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) Vice President Ahmad Jawad, “We must adopt a global and international perspective in our business practices in order to make its agricultural products more competitive in international markets to earn valuable foreign exchange.”

To a question, he said the use of old cultivation and production methods, negligence on international market quality certification systems, quality control standards, and least understanding of consumers’ needs had since long been the reasons behind the less demand of Pakistan’s products in the international market.

“Pak-China cooperation in agriculture can be most significant in the bilateral economic relationship. The focus of collaboration in this sector should be high yields, lower consumption, food security, local suitability, adoption of technology, and research and development,” he maintained.

He was of the view that ‘Jo Banain Gaen, Khayen Gaen’ (we eat what we produce) was the idea that needed to be implemented if we want to make our economy grow at a fast pace.


People of most countries realized the importance of locally produced goods, so much so that even in the richest country in the world, he said, adding that this approach should be promoted to strengthen the agriculture and manufacturing sector of the country a lifeline for the economy.

In this regard, all available resources must be utilized to transform this idea into reality.

To another question, he mentioned, “We also need an export-driven growth strategy, yet we are far behind.

Even leading economies cannot function without exports therefore experts on trade should be hired for policy formulation.” Ahmad Jawad suggested that a public-private partnership could be mutually beneficial in developing reforms/policy/frameworks that could holistically focus on exports; diversity of products, prioritizing services sector, and implementation of simple, easy to comprehend, schemes and incentives.


The private sector had to develop its own brands on a war footing for survival otherwise neighboring countries will continue to sweep international markets,” he said.


He asserted, “Pakistani missions abroad must also help introduce and promote Pakistani products in the respective country and ensure dissemination of trade-related information so that Pakistani entrepreneurs can avail trade opportunities to the maximum.”


Source: Urdu Point

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