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Aquaponics AI Releases Data Management Solution For Aquaponics

by Graeme Hammer
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Aquaponics AI

Aquaponics AI, a social-impact aquaponic technology company, has released a cloud-based data management and visualization solution for the Aquaponic grower.

Designed to improve the way aquaponics growers grow, Aquaponics AI provides efficient, time-saving, user-friendly software for a rapidly growing number of aquaponics growers worldwide.

“We have promised to provide data-driven solutions to our growers’ pain points and are continually innovating our software in exchange for their membership and contribution to doing awesome things with Aquaponics for people and the planet,” said Daniel Robards, co-founder, and CBDO.

Aquaponics AI is partnering with the top Aquaponic practitioners, researchers, and farms, while engaging with the aquaponic community at large, to deliver a powerful, effective and tailored solution for aquaponic growers.

They recently released several long-awaited features in their V2 dashboard. In addition to tracking, visualizing, and unlocking farm data, growers can now have sensor connectivity and manage alerts for chosen parameters built around their personal goals in their grow space.


Source: Far Eastern Agriculture

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