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No Agriculture Policy Without Farmers Consent | Kisan Pakistan

by Iqra Aslam
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Kisan Pakistan

LAHORE: On Thursday, Punjab’s Minister of Law and Welfare, Basharat Raja, said farmers will be trusted before making vital decisions and that their advice will also feed into Punjab’s agriculture policy, during his address to Kisan Board of Pakistan in the DC office.

DC Mudassar Riaz and Waqas Mahmood, Agriculture Minister, were also present at the event.

Kisan’s board deferred the protest on assurance of fulfillment of their demands. Raja also said that Punjab’s CM Bazdar was himself belongs to a farmer background who understands his farmers’ problems better than anyone.

Raja said: “The government is well aware of the farmers’ problems and taking definite steps to address them. The government ensured the farmers that all the matters will be solved on high priority, farmers should not create problems for the public by protesting and road blocking.”

Board chairman of the Kissan Association and other officials expressed the hope that the problem will be resolved in the near future.


The provincial minister Raja, later expressed condolences on the death of farmer-leader Malik Ashfaq Langarial and ordered the authorities to set up a medical commission to investigate the cause of death.

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