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Mystical Agriculture Mob Chunk | Duplicate Seeds

by Abdul Manan
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Mystical Agriculture Mob Chunk

Mob chunk is an amazing essence of mystical agriculture which duplicates the crop seeds and accelerates the growth of plants. Later these plants can be used to earn ores.

Mob chunk can be upgraded to inferium ore to gain additional powers and armor and tools upgrade. These handy upgrades make the game more interesting and joyful.

Moreover, to earn a mob chunk you can use solarium dagger. Solarium dagger is made up of Soulium Ingot which is specifically designed to obtain mob chunk.

This special add-on is much famous among the young players who plan to earn new upgrades in a quick time and reach high levels.

As with the new updates in mystical agriculture, seed and plants gain a significant hype because to earn essence and ore one has to grow plants. Later these plants can be used to earn and upgrade the tools and armors.


Therefore, mob chunk in mystical agriculture became of high importance because of its ability to double the seeds and speed up the growth of plants.

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