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Homemade Agricultural Inventions | Agriculture Technology

by Tamkanat Ahmad
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Agricultural Inventions

As we all know that agricultural inventions nowadays become very important for crop cultivation and sustainable yield. But agricultural technology is very expensive and delicate that not every farmer can afford it. The expensive technology not only burdens the farmer’s budget as well as it increases the food prices as well. Because of which the capacity of people to food affordability is decreasing day by day.

In these circumstances, homemade agricultural innovations are like an agri-revolution for the small landholders and farmers. These homemade technologies will not only increase the use of technology in agricultural activities as well as it will reduce the cost of food production. And also this will give rise to small-scale industries and employment in the country.

Homemade Agricultural Inventions

Some of the amazing Home-made Inventions are given below which will change your perspective toward agriculture.

Credit: Quantum TechHD


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