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MNSUAM-Syngenta Pakistan Partnership Has Been Signed

by Edward Buckler
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A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the MNS University of Agriculture (MNSUA) Multan and Syngenta Pakistan.


Under the memorandum, both the organizations pledge to establish a Learning Centre and Insecticide Resistance Lab as platforms for field research, sharing of resources, and complementing each others’ technical benefits in order to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in sustainable agricultural development.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Asif Ali and Tauseef ul Haq (Business Sustainability and CPD Head, Syngenta Pakistan) signed the memorandum.

Prof Dr. Shafqat Saeed, Director External Linkages, and Ashraf Ansari, Technical Support Manager, Syngenta Pakistan assured productive linkage between the two sister organizations.


The memorandum is a step to strengthen the professional relationship between academia and industry which is the future of research and commercialization in Pakistan.

Source: Pak Observer

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