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Indus River Authority Released 119,000 Cusecs Water

by Muhammad Arslan
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ISLAMABAD: The IRSA released 119,000 cusecs water from Indus river on Monday from various peripheral stations with an in-flow of 47,900 cusecs.

According to statistics out by the IRSA, the Indus river water level at the Tarbela Dam was 1515.96 feet, 129.96 feet above the dead level of 1386 feet. The inflow of water into the dam was 28,600 cusecs, out-flow as 65,000 cusecs.

At Mangla dam, the water level in the Jhelum River was 1201.15 feet, 161.15 feet higher than its 1,040 feet dead-level, while in-flow and out-flow were recorded at 7,300 and 42,000 cusecs, respectively.

Water in-flows to Kalabagh, Sukkur, and Taunsa were documented at 69,100, 7,000, and 50,200 cusecs. Likewise, a total of 5,100 cusecs of water were released from the Kabul River in Nowshera and 2,000 cusecs from the Chenab River in Marala.

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