Indus River Authority Released 119,000 Cusecs Water

ISLAMABAD: The IRSA released 119,000 cusecs water from Indus river on Monday from various peripheral stations with an in-flow of 47,900 cusecs.

According to statistics out by the IRSA, the Indus river water-level at the Tarbela Dam was 1515.96 feet, 129.96 feet above the dead-level of 1386 feet. The inflow of water into the dam was 28,600 cusecs, out-flow as 65,000 cusecs.

At Mangla dam, the water-level in the Jhelum River was 1201.15 feet, 161.15 feet higher than its 1,040 feet dead-level, while in-flow and out-flow were recorded at 7,300 and 42,000 cusecs, respectively.

Water in-flows to Kalabagh, Sukkur, and Taunsa were documented at 69,100, 7,000, and 50,200 cusecs. Likewise, a total of 5,100 cusec of water were released from the Kabul River in Nowshera and 2,000 cusec from the Chenab River in Marala.

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