Fish cultivation is one of the ways to increase the productivity of fishery technology development. Technology innovation of fishery in Indonesia has existed since long ago, especially in Lampung province. The technological development of trout cultivation makes the fishery business more effective, efficient, economical, highly competitive, and environmentally friendly.

This research aimed to identify the plus value of fish cultivation that has economic value. The aquaponics system’s principle was aimed to make trout cultivation become environmentally friendly. This research was conducted in Lampung province at South Lampung regency and Central Lampung regency.

The research had been done from May to August 20th, 2020. The data used in this research were the kind of primary data and secondary data. Primary data was obtained from the community of fish cultivation at Central Lampung supported by a related agency.

The method of research was aimed to analyze the worthiness of the business. Based on the result of research, it can be concluded that the trout cultivation of catfish and mustard greens with aquaponics technology was worth and profitable as economical.


The principle of aquaponics technology was utilizing nutrient, food waste, and fish metabolism in case of symbiotic mutualism among fish, plants, and bacteria. Aquaponics technology of closed recirculation produced fish optimally by saving water use and could exploit the waste of fish cultivation so that the aquaponics system could become the system of fish cultivation that is environmentally friendly.