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Will Spanish truck drivers reactivate the strike they suspended in April?

by Graeme Hammer
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The president of the Platform for the Defense of the Transport Sector, Manuel Hernandez, has warned in a video that he broadcast among its members yesterday that they intended to immediately reactivate the strike that was suspended in April.

After 20 days of strike that affected the country’s productive activity more than expected, the Platform decided on April 2 to temporarily suspend, not to call off, the strike that had begun on March 14. It did so after the Ministry of Transport (Mitma) and the National Road Transport Committee (CNTC) agreed on an aid package, including a bonus of 20 cents per liter of fuel, and agreed to present a bill by July 31 to apply the principles of the Food Chain Law to the sector so that truckers do not work at a loss.

This is the Platform’s main demand and the reason they are on the verge of resuming the strike. The Platform had a meeting scheduled yesterday with the Director-General of Transport, Jaime Moreno Garcia-Cano, in which they would be updated about the bill’s progress. However, the meeting was canceled. The government, however, did hold a meeting with the CNTC, which was also attended by the Secretary-General of Transport, María Jose Rallo, in which Mitma leaders presented the bill’s advances, and the carriers called for more aid for their activity.

In view of this, Hernandez assured in his video that they assume there will be no meeting and that Platform would immediately start working to reactivate the strike in its entirety after June 30.


The organization insists once again that the CNTC, which is the legitimate representative body of the sector, does not represent truckers. “We won’t accept any agreements they reach with those people. We’ll only accept the ones that we negotiate and sign,” Hernandez stated.


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