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Where Does Dust Come From? Role of Shed Dead Skin And Ways to Avoid Dust

by Abdul Manan
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Where Does Dust Come From

While answering an ancient question David Layton and Paloma Beamer have revealed a surprising answer to where dust comes from? Studies say that the majority of the dust consists of shed dead skin of the people, carpet fibers, furniture, and airborne particles blown in from the outdoors.

Researches have revealed that barren lands and empty soils near households are a major source of blown dust-partciles. About 60% of the dost generally comes from the outdoors and barren lands.

Research has revealed that soil also contains dust mites, pollen, pet dander, food debris, insect droppings, lead, and other harmful particles. These particles can be very harmful to your lungs and can cause severe infection.

Moreover, it also contains arsenic which usually comes from the surrounding air which later traps in the soil particles. This trapped arsenic makes the soil of high concern while inhaling and for children’s which foot toys and other objects into their mouth.

However, compared to the cities, the concentration of dust is much less than in rural areas. In these areas, it usually comes from fields during field practices by flowing with the air.


Moreover, experts say that houses can breathe as well by which they gain dust into your house.  This usually breath through the holes presents in the walls for example electric outlets, light switches, etc.

Role of Shed Dead Skin in dust

Some major techniques to avoid indoor dust:

  • Replace carpets with wooden or tile floor. This will make the removal easier.
  • Wash areas where dead skin can accumulate such as bedsheet, blanket, pillow, and couche.
  • Place pillow and mattress inside a zipper bag.
  • Wipe dust-off from the furniture.
  • Clean floors by vacuuming using vacuums having filters.
  • Use a high-quality electric air filter that traps particles.
  • Regularly clean air filters.
  • Store clothes in sealed plastic bins.
  • Use de-humidifiers.
  • Use doormats.

Easy Ways to Avoid Dust

Therefore, to avoid dust getting into your house you should plan a better filtration and prevention system so that the airborne particles cannot get into your house with air. And another method to avoid getting just into your house you should take your shoes off and shake off your clothes to clean them.


Moreover, another healthy method to stop dust is gardening. You should start doing gardening around your house so that the barren land can be covered with a layer of grass and regular watery will make the soil hard and let the particles stick to the soil.



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