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What’s the cheapest place to be a vegetarian?

by Mazhar Ali
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Fruit and vegetable prices have risen significantly in recent months because of inflation, but they haven’t increased at the same rate throughout the world, as revealed by the latest study carried out by Numbeo, an online database of data provided by users on the cost of living, and collected by Picodi, in a comparison of 98 countries.

For example, the average price of tomatoes in Spain is €1.63/kg. As a result, Spain ranked as the 63rd cheapest place to buy tomatoes. Tomatoes are cheaper in Portugal (€1.46/kg) and in Germany (€1.40/kg). In Japan, their price increases to € 5/kg. Egypt and India are the countries with the lowest tomato prices, as they stand at less than 1 euro per kilogram, which should not be surprising because these countries are some of the largest producers of this vegetable, the report states.

Spain ranks 65th in the potato price classification, averaging €1.16/kg. This vegetable is sold for less than 1 euro in some countries of Latin America, Portugal, and China. In turn, potato prices in Puerto Rico, South Korea, and Japan are almost 3 times higher than in Spain (€2.85/kg, € 3/kg, and € 3.08/kg, respectively).

In the ranking of onion prices, Spain is in the most expensive half of the classification, the report details, with a price of €1.15/kg. Onions are cheaper in Portugal (€1.02/kg), Ecuador (€0.99/kg), Vietnam (€0.88/kg), and Hungary (€0.83/kg).


Finally, the average price of lettuce in Spain does not exceed 1 euro per unit, ranking 57th out of 98 countries analyzed. The lowest price of this vegetable was recorded in Uzbekistan (€0.22/kg), Egypt (€0.25/kg), Nepal (€0.26/kg), Pakistan, and Tunisia (€0.27/kg). On the other hand, the highest price is paid in Iceland, Puerto Rico, and Norway, at about €2.20/kg each.

The study concludes that, broadly speaking, Japan, South Korea, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland are the countries with the highest vegetable prices.

Source: eleconomista.es

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