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“We want to give tissue culture seedlings a good start”

by Hamza Ahmad
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Plant tissue culture is of great significance to agriculture and flower plant production, including rapid reproduction of excellent varieties, excellent plants, and precious germplasm resources; removal of various plant viruses, optimization of rejuvenated plants; application in crop genetics and breeding, effective cultivation of new varieties; preservation of germplasm resources to avoid gene loss and destruction as well as providing processing raw materials to produce secondary metabolites.

Quick Plug, the substrate brand of Dümmen Orange, has more than 75 years of history and experience. With the mission of “giving crops a good start,” it provides an ideal substrate solution for the cultivation and planting of tissue culture seedlings.

“The rooting substrate provided by Quick Plug for tissue culture seedlings is composed of peat and cocopeat. Our experts will also provide optimal professional solutions according to the customer’s tissue culture seedling types and plant parameters. Quick Plug currently offers three series of substrate products, the Xcel series, the Xtract series, and the Xcellent series,” explains Bill Maartense, General Manager of Quick Plug.


The Xcel series of substrates are equipped with receptacles for seeds and cuttings, and the filling substrates are fully compatible with a variety of sizes of plugs, including single-use or recycled plugs.

Unlike the Xcel series, which completely fills the tray, the cylindrical substrate of the Xtract series is filled with air between the plug tray and also has holes for sowing and cuttings.



Xcellent series substrates are mainly used for the rooting of tissue culture seedlings. As the main product of Quick Plug, they are mainly used in Phalaenopsis and other orchids. Xcellent substrates are delivered to customers in cardboard or plastic boxes, who just need to simply insert the tissue culture seedlings into the substrate and place them in their own plug trays. Specially designed substrates are also suitable for tissue culture in the tissue culture room.


Why is the Xcellent series suitable for tissue culture?

“The first is the special shape of the substrate itself. It looks like riding boots from the top of the substrate. There are openings in the center and sides of the substrate. It is very convenient to put the tissue culture seedlings into the middle of the substrate from the bottom so as to avoid damage to the root system. This simple operation method also greatly shortens the working hours. Second, the substrate is produced in such a way that the interior of the substrate is filled with a lot of air, which allows the plants to grow faster than other types of substrates. And this substrate is ​​also a patented product of Quick Plug.”

Can Xcellent be used for other crops?

Growers can put any type of tissue culture seedlings into the Xcellent substrate and get excellent rooting results. While our Xtract series is mainly used for vegetable seedlings and hard woody plants, the Xcel series is suitable for most crop seedlings, such as bed plants. It is especially suitable for primrose and perennial plant seedlings and cuttings.

Why is QUICK PLUG a worthy substrate product of choice?

“I could use a lot of rhetoric to emphasize how our substrates are more effective in facilitating fast rooting of crops than other products. But the facts speak louder than words, and when customers test and witness the excellent performance of our products, the actual comparison can really show the excellence of the Quick Plug. The flexible customization of the ratio is one of the advantages of Quick Plug products. We can provide ideal products that meet the customer’s planting environment. For example, in Ohio, Florida, or California in North America, we can adjust the ratio of cocopeat and peat to meet the specific needs of the customer’s crop, even with different air conditions in the growing environment,” Bill said.

How to get started with QUICK PLUG?

When you decide to choose Quick Plug’s products, we will immediately communicate with you about various planting needs, such as the reasons for using the substrate, the type of crops, the purpose of planting, and other factors, and then give the appropriate substrate ratio according to the actual situation and fertilizer content, and adjust pH and EC values ​​according to the actual situation. All the substrates you receive are ready-to-use without processing – planting, cuttings, or putting into tissue culture seedlings. The entire application method and process are very convenient and efficient. If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we will give scientific and effective technical support in time.

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