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Virtual Potato Expo 2021 | Early January

by Tamkanat Ahmad
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Virtual Potato Expo 2021

The First Digital Potato Expo 2021 will take place from January 5-7, and the event has a lot to offer the potato industry, NPC leaders say.

The Virtual Potato Expo, for three days, will offer uninterrupted content with which you can associate, collaborate, and learn innovations and future-oriented initiatives from your farm and home comfort. The opportunities at Expo will be:

  • Connect: Over 60 exhibitors proffering innovations and business solutions.
  • Experience: 20 featured online sessions.
  • Chat: About production, consumption, and economics.
  • Join: Conversations of leaders on sustainability, agricultural technology, consumer trend, climate change, and more.
  • Participate: In competitions, Potato Trivia, Potato Cooking, and Fitness Challenge “Total Tater”.

The 2020 Potato Expo drew more than 2,000 visitors to Las Vegas. A personal Expo was planned for Dallas but will not be possible in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NPC leaders said that the virtual expo will be highly beneficial to both the producers and the consumer industry.

“We’re bringing together CEOs and other industry leaders to be a part of Virtual Potato Expo. This year we expect more participants (virtually) than the previously held Potato Expo’s, as a lot of people couldn’t make it due to time or budget limitations. So, we’re excited for this year’s Expo,” NPC leaders said.

Registration for Virtual Potato Expo 2021 is available online.


The registration fee for the expo is $299 and include full-access to the conference.

The major purpose of these expos is to support the farmers and create awareness among the youth through interesting games and challenges like Battle of the Bales.

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