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Van Onselen Aubergines to join Purple Pride

by Graeme Hammer
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On January 1, 2023, the Dutch company Van Onselen Aubergines will join Purple Pride, the largest eggplant brand in Northwestern Europe. Purple Pride’s eggplant acreage will, thus, expand to 72.5 hectares. “We like spending time with like-minded eggplant growers,” says Arjan van Onselen. “That’s one of the main reasons for joining Purple Pride. We recognize ourselves in the brand growers’ DNA and have a mutual drive to grow the best eggplants.”

Van Onselen Aubergines, like Purple Pride, focuses entirely on cultivating quality eggplants. Pleun van Duijn, one of Purple Pride’s growers, is pleased with the addition of the Van Onselen family business. “Joining forces will benefit us tremendously. Cultivation and knowledge-wise, but certainly also regarding innovation”, says Van Duijn enthusiastically.

Signing the Purple Pride joining documentation and membership to the Growers United Cooperative. F.l.t.r: Martijn van Onselen, Pleun van Duijn, and Arjan van Onselen.

Eggplant partner 
Purple Pride is a Growers United brand. Van Onselen Aubergines, thus, will become a member of that cooperative too. It does the eggplants’ sales, marketing, and quality control. The sales and marketing team knows the market and is a long-time eggplant partner for Growers United’s retail, hospitality, and trade customers.


“Growers United’s sales and marketing team put great effort into getting eggplant on everyone’s weekly menus. We currently use service providers to do that for us. We’re looking forward to joining forces in that area as well. I consider Growers United a future-oriented growers organization that works closely together, strengthening each other,” says Martijn van Onselen.

Jan Opschoor, Growers United’s Managing Director: “I’m sure they’ll quickly feel at home within our cooperative. Our members and we can realize our ambitions for the future, and Van Onselen’s arrival will help to further strengthen our production and market position.”

Purple Pride consists of three family businesses at five modern cultivation locations: Greenbrothers, Gebr. van Duijn, and De Jong. Van Onselen’s four sites will be added in January. Both Purple Pride and Van Onselen’s farms have expanded considerably in recent years. They have also invested in making their cultivation even more sustainable.

For more information:
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