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USDA Announced $11.5 Million Aid to Support Small Farms

by Sayeda Kinza Amna
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On 23rd march 2021, the United States Agriculture department announced an $11.5 million agriculture investment to enhance research and ensure improved production, profitability, and support to America’s small farms. The USDA expects that this investment will improve the quality of life and availability of resources among America’s farming community.

While addressing the general public Tom Vilsack, agriculture secretary, said that among American farm communities few groups are strong enough to combat the changing environment and insufficient availability of resources. However not all the farms are trained enough that they can increase productivity with fewer resources.

This agricultural research investment will help these farm communities to access modern tools and use sufficient resources to increase productivity and make their farms profitable. Moreover, this investment will also help them to face economic challenges without losing their farm interest, he said.

The United States NIFA has also awarded 24 grants to 20 major organizations and agriculture institutes under the agriculture and food research initiative to formally focus on alternative crop enterprising marketing and grading of fruits and vegetable production to efficiently sustain marketing problems.

Proper attention to marketing constraints can help the small and mid-sized farms to be more competitive and increase the total production of their land.


National Institute of Food and Agriculture has awarded the following grants to the listed universities and organizations below:

  1. Auburn University ($500,000)
  2. Tuskegee University ($500,000)
  3. University of Connecticut ($500,000)
  4. Rural Coalition ($500,000)
  5. University of Florida ($499,660)
  6. University of Georgia ($496,704)
  7. Indiana University ($499,997)
  8. Purdue University ($499,997)
  9. Louisiana State University Agricultural Center ($500,000)
  10. University of Maryland ($497,979)
  11. University of Minnesota ($500,000)
  12. University of Missouri ($499,975); ($498,833)
  13. Cornell University ($500,000)
  14. North Dakota State University ($499,991)
  15. The Ohio State University ($429,928)
  16. Pennsylvania State University ($494,263)
  17. University of Rhode Island ($199,483)
  18. Tennessee State University ($499,991); ($496,703); ($464,816)
  19. Texas A&M AgriLife Research ($499,999)
  20. University of Wisconsin ($473,756)

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