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US decided to impose a tax on nitrogen fertilizers from Russia

by Achim Dobermann
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“Nitrogen fertilizers that are supplied from Russia will be sold in the US with discounted export prices,” the US Department of Commerce announced. The agency will ask the Customs Service to impose duties on fertilizers. Dues on products from Russia can range from 8% to 122%. 

According to the US Department of Commerce, Russian producers and exporters of the urea-ammonia mixture receive subsidies equal to US duties. 

During the anti-dumping investigation, suppliers will be charged duties in the amount of the dumping difference and all others in the amount of 14.9%. 


Earlier, it was reported that US authorities were secretly encouraging agricultural and shipping companies to buy more Russian fertilizers. Many transport and insurance companies, as well as banks, are afraid to cooperate with fertilizer producers from the Russian Federation as long as they do not want to inadvertently violate Washington’s rules. 

In June, the Russian government set quotas for the export of nitrogen and complex fertilizers, which will be valid from July 1 to December 31, 2022. For nitrogen fertilizers, the quota amounted to 8.3 million tons, and for complex fertilizers – more than 5.9 million tons. 

Source: secretmag.ru 


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