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Tradecorp Launches New Biostimulant Worldwide

by Graeme Hammer
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Tradecorp launches Biimore worldwide, a biostimulant obtained from a plant fermentation process. Biimore is made up of a unique combination of primary and secondary compounds, L-α amino acids, vitamins, sugars, and traces of other natural compounds that cannot be found in any other biostimulant on the market. 

“We have a commitment to our growers to help them produce what markets are demanding in terms of quality, yield, and sustainability while also responding to market trends,” stated Jorge Aguilar, Global Marketing Director at Tradecorp. “After years of research and development in both Brazil and India, we are launching Biimore worldwide to bring the Ultra-Efficient Biostimulant to more growers, delivering on our commitment to meeting their needs.”

“We work with technologies that have biostimulant effects on the fruit’s development and swell stages, improving yield and harvest quality parameters with fantastic agronomical results at ultra-low doses,” said José Nolasco, Strategy and Innovation Director at Tradecorp. “As we confront global challenges such as a growing population, climate change, and diminishing natural resources, it’s critical to look at solutions like this that can provide growers with more for less.”


Biimore, the efficient biostimulant 
Biimore’s efficiency comes from the synergic effect of the combination of over 200 bio substances. Depending on the crop, growers only require doses ranging from 25 to 200 ml/ha per application, which is 10 to 40 times less than the amount generally recommended for other biostimulants.

Initial launches of the new sustainable solution in Brazil, India, and Italy were met with a very positive reception. Mr. Leela Chand Thakur, a grower in India, shared his experience using Tradecorp’s product marketed as Quikon in India: “In my apple orchard in Anni, Himachal Prasdesh, Tradecorp’s new product Biimore trial was done at 3 stages: petal fall stage, walnut stage, and fruit development – green fruit stage as per nutrition schedule. I was amazed by the results. I saw increased fruit size, fruit weight, better quality, and higher yield compared to the other areas where the product was not used. I am very happy with the results!”

Yield research from more than 200 field trials on over 25 crops worldwide has shown how an ultra-low dose of Biimore is enough for growers to achieve top-quality harvests and maximum productivity, increasing fruit weight by up to 19% and yield by up to 28%. Specifically, studies saw cherry tomato crops increase their fruit weight by 14% and yield by 12%.

Production process 
Biimore is made through Tradecorp’s own unique production process, using exclusive fermentation technology obtained from a strain of Corynebacterium glutamicum, a complex and sustainable food source derived from sugarcane. A type of molasses.


The manufacturing process for Biimore involves the precise application of factors such as pH, time, temperature, and light to control fermentation. According to Tradecorp, the slightest variation in any of these factors would turn this biostimulant into a completely different product. 


With the worldwide launch of Biimore, Tradecorp continues to reinforce its global portfolio of next-generation, sustainable products obtained from natural sources that bring both high quality and high efficiency to customers.


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