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Total number of fruit ads at 150,909, onions and potatoes at 19,260

by Graeme Hammer
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Ad numbers dipped this week post-holiday, but there were plenty of specials for shoppers to choose from. Juicy, sweet fruit and crisp vegetables were ripe and ready for delicious summer meals at home, on the beach, or on the campground. Melons, mangos, peaches, cherries, asparagus, baby carrots, sweet onions, and cucumbers were among the most well-advertised items. Rainier cherries made their first appearance. Local produce from coast to coast is coming into season and making its way into stores.

This week’s total ad numbers were 276,793, a 7% decrease from last week’s 298,867. The total for the same week last year was 11% higher than for this year. The total number of ads was broken up into commodity groups: fruit 150,909 (55% of all ads), onions and potatoes 19,260 (7%), vegetables 102,076 (37%), herbs 620, ornamentals 1,655, and hemp 2,273. The number of ads for organic produce was 38,768, 14% of total ads.

The following are the prices of major advertised items (3,000 plus stores) this week, compared to the same week last year. This week, significant increases in price for fruit included red cherries at 46%, yellow peaches at 32%, cantaloupes at 27%, yellow nectarines at 24%, black seedless grapes at 16%, seedless watermelons at 13%, and pineapples at 10%. Significant decreases included seedless grapes (white at 18%, organic red at 17%, and organic white at 10%). This week, significant increases in price for onions and potatoes included sweet yellow onions and Russet potatoes (5 lb bag) at 41%. There were no significant decreases. Significant increases in price for vegetables this week included packaged salad (10-12 oz at 26%, and 5-9 oz at 21%), corn at 22%, on-the-vine tomatoes at 11%, and asparagus at 11%. There were no significant decreases.

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Source: mymarketnews.ams.usda.gov

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