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Tomato open day in Fondi

by Graeme Hammer
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A few months after the announcement of the merger, Israeli seed company TomaTech-Nirit has already started taking advantage of the diversified germoplasm by the two companies for its research activities outside of the Sicilian territory.

“We started activities last March, in correspondence with the start of the spring campaign. We focused mainly on the Fondi (LT) area as reference for central-southern Italy and set up the first research station here after the merger,” explains Sales Manager Andrea Trovato.

The TomaTech-Nirit team: Giuseppe Busacca, Andrea Trovato, Yoram Paciuk, Guglielmo Roccasalvo, Assaf Eybishitz.

“This new experimental greenhouse enables us to develop specific breeding programs based on local cultivation conditions, agronomic practices, and commercial needs while at the same time intensifying the assessment for the tomato and bell pepper varieties already part of the catalog. Of course, it also enables us to work in close contact with local producers.”


The first promising feedback from technicians, producers, nursery gardeners, and cooperatives arrived on June 23rd, 2002, during an open day.

“We decided to organize an open day and invite some local partners to receive direct feedback on the agronomic profile and performance of our tomato cultivars currently in the commercial and pre-commercial phase. Despite the wide range of options for all market segments, the positive feedback was practically unanimous and actually surprising, as some new varieties are still little known on the market.”

“When it comes to smooth round tomatoes, our Carreras F1 was much appreciated. The uniform grade, deep and bright color, high productivity, and excellent texture make this variety suitable for producers, traders, and exporters. Moreover, plant vigor is high and supported by multiple resistances.”

Carreras F1


“A new introduction this year is Socrate F1, roma-type oblong tomatoes that can be considered unique due to their deep green color, resistances (it is the only segment variety resistant to F3, TyLCV, and TSWV), weight (160/180 g)  and grade uniformity throughout the production cycle, not to mention flavor and plant precocity.”


Socrate F1


As for the cherry segment, Casalino F1 and Rosticana F1 confirm their leading position.

They are both immediately recognizable thanks to their bright red color and regular bunches made of 14-16 fruits with uniform weight and shape. Plants come early with medium vigor, high productivity, and a good resistance to cracking.

Rosticana F1 (at the center) and Casalino F1

Feedback was also excellent for Tamarillo F1, a midi-plum variety with bright red fruits boasting great texture and shelf-life. It is a vigorous variety ideal for long transfers. The organoleptic qualities of the fruit are also great. 

Tamarillo F1

“Our colored tomatoes currently being tested were also appreciated. Having a full range of colored cherry and plum tomatoes enables us to meet the most demanding commercial needs while guaranteeing high agronomic and productive efficiency.”

For further information:
Andrea Trovato 
Sales Manager Italy
+39 349 723 4375
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Giuseppe Busacca
Product Manager Italy
+39 338 344 5650
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