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The AeroGarden Microgreens Kit Is Now Available

by Lynette Abbott
Microgreens Kit

BOULDER, CO, USA, May 26, 2021: AeroGarden, the world’s leading manufacturer of smart hydroponic garden systems, will introduce nutrient-dense and delicious MicroGreens to its offerings, beginning May 26, 2021. The accessory kit, which will include Superfood Microgreens, a growing tray, and more, costs $29.95 and will be available at the brand’s e-commerce site, Aerogarden.com, and on Amazon.com.

The new MicroGreens kit works perfectly in AeroGarden’s popular Harvest, and Harvest Elite garden systems, which require no sun, soil, or outdoor space to grow fresh produce all year round. Choose one of the flavorful, vitamin-packed microgreens, or grow two different varieties at the same time, and expect to harvest in as few as seven days.

“Adding microgreens, which pack a nutrient punch and come in a variety of flavor profiles, from spicy to nutty to lemony was a natural extension for AeroGarden,” said Tina Edwards, Brand Manager, AeroGarden. “This variety of sprouts and shoots, just like AeroGarden’s wide variety of vegetables and herbs, thrives in a healthy hydroponic garden. Even better, these microgreens grow incredibly quickly, and take just a few days between start to harvest!”

At a cost of only pennies per serving, AeroGarden’s MicroGreens make the perfect addition to juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, wraps, or as a finishing touch or splash of color to almost any savory dish. These aromatic greens, also known as micro herbs or vegetable confetti, are rich in flavor, low in calories, and contain up to 40 times the vital nutrients and antioxidants of their fully-grown counterparts.

Rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper, microgreens are also a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants. Wheatgrass, one of the nation’s favorite microgreens, is high in vitamins A, C, and E as well as iron, calcium potassium, and folate, and contains 17 of the 20 amino acids, 8 of which are essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own.


Each AeroGarden MicroGreens kit comes with an Irrigation Deck, two Microgreens Trays, two Microgreens Tray Grow Domes, four pieces of compostable AeroFelt Grow Media, and one- 4oz pack of Superfood Microgreens seeds. The AeroGarden Harvest and Harvest Elite indoor garden systems are not included.

Since introducing the first AeroGarden in March 2006, AeroGarden has expanded its product line to include multiple gardens and a variety of products for use in its gardens, including Seed Pod Kits, Grow Lights, liquid nutrients, and accessory products. In addition to AeroGarden.com, AeroGarden products are widely available online and at a variety of retailers including Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macys, Best Buy, Kohl’s, and Home Depot.

For further information please visit www.aerogarden.com. Media please contact Susan Mallory (551.404.3963 / [email protected]) or Sydney Masters (212.987.6804 / [email protected] ).

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