Sustainable And Precision Farming Through Nanotechnology And Artificial Intelligence

Climate change, increasing populations, competing demands on land for production of biofuels and declining soil quality are challenging global food security.

Finding sustainable solutions requires bold new approaches and integration of knowledge from diverse fields, such as materials science and informatics.

The convergence of precision agriculture, in which farmers respond in real time to changes in crop growth with nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, offers exciting opportunities for sustainable food production.

Coupling existing models for nutrient cycling and crop productivity with Nano informatics approaches to optimize targeting, uptake, delivery, nutrient capture and long-term impacts on soil microbial communities will enable design of nanoscale agrochemicals that combine optimal safety and functionality profiles.

Source: Zhang, P., Guo, Z., Ullah, S., Melagraki, G., Afantitis, A., & Lynch, I. (2021). Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to enable sustainable and precision agriculture. Nature Plants, 1-13.

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