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Sunnier days welcome for mini cucumber growers

by Graeme Hammer
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Lots of sunshine predicted for the province of British Columbia, Canada, means the onset of a steady supply of baby cucumbers.

Jeff Madu, Vice-President of Sales for Windset Farms®, based in Delta, B.C., grows the Fresco® Baby Cucumber which it offers in a 1.75 lb. Punnet for large gatherings or families and an 8 oz. Punnet for solo snacking or lunches. Windset production is currently underway in Delta, B.C. The other region also producing baby cucumbers right now is Ontario, largely the Leamington region.

Baby cucumbers and light
For Windset, that sunny forecast is a welcome one, of course. As Madu notes, the supply of baby cucumbers is heavily impacted by light levels, this year particularly so, and that supply could be limited depending on the weather. “Production is challenging because the crops are so sensitive to light. But it’s better compared to last year.”


Meanwhile, demand is good for baby cucumbers. “We expect an increase in demand as their popularity grows,” says Madu. “They’re a different shopping experience compared to Long English cucumbers. They’re more of a snacking, niche item.”

Looking ahead, though, Madu says that long days and good light levels mean production will be peaking.

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