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Sindh Agriculture University Inaugurated Mini Urban Forest Recreational Spot

by Tamkanat Ahmad
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Mini Urban Forest

Hyderabad: On 23rd march 2021, Sindh Agriculture University in a joint venture with Assistant Commissioner Taluka Hyderabad Rural has inaugurated a Mini Urban Forest considering the importance of a recreational spot for the general public and university students.

The inauguration ceremony of Mini Urban Forest has been scheduled for 23rd march considering the significance of Pakistan Day. Doctor Fateh Marri, vice-chancellor Sindh Agriculture University has inaugurated the Mini Urban Forest along with AIG Sindh Police Jameel Ahmad, Rawaal Sharjeel Memon (Local Politician), and Assistant Commissioner Taluka Hyderabad Rural Qandeel Fatima Memon.

While addressing the participants at the inauguration ceremony, vice-chancellor Sindh Agriculture University Dr. Fateh Marri said that places for general public entertainment are decreasing rapidly. In this current situation, the development of Mini Urban Forest is an appreciable initiative by the university authorities and local government. Apart from a recreational spot Mini Urban Forest will provide a healthy environment to the general public and university students.

He said I am very much thankful to the taluka administration for their unconditional support for this recreational initiative which will prove to be an environment and community-friendly project for district Hyderabad.

“Along with academic and research opportunities at Agriculture University, we are striving to provide various other opportunities to farmers and our countryman which will eventually prove to be helpful in the development of agriculture in Sindh and the whole country. Moreover, we are also providing recreational spots to the general public and this Mini Urban Forest will be a symbol of prosperity”, said VC Dr. Marri.


While addressing, the Local Politician Rawaal Sharjeel Memon has said that the government along with the local Taluka administration was taking several steps to promote forest development in Sindh for which agriculture institutes and others as well like Sindh Agriculture University should play their part as well. This Mini Urban Forest will not only beautify the university but will also provide a recreational and healthy environment to local people.

On this occasion, AIG Hyderabad Dr. Ahmed also addressed the participants and shared his thoughts. During his contribution, he said that this region of Sindh is very fertile and soul-warming and we must join together to promote the beauty of this region.

Qandeel Fatima Memon, Assistant commissioner Taluka Hyderabad Rural, said that once during her visit to the Sindh Agriculture University she looked at the beauty of these trees and a sudden thought came to her mind that there should be a Mini Urban Forests to promote the natural beauty of this region and provide the students and local families with a healthy recreational environment.

She also said that today she is very happy to see her dream come true and very grateful to the university administration for their warm-hearted cooperation.


Along with VC Dr. Marri, Police AIG Jameel Ahmed, PPP Leader Rawal Memon, and Taluka AC Qandeel Memon, Prof. Ismaiil Kambharr, Dr. Namatullah Legharri, Dr. Jan Marri, Shah Jahan Panhwaar were also present on this heartwarming occasion. Moreover, all of them showed their contribution to this Mini Urban Forest by planting saplings.



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