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Sheshan Bamboo Shoots Gala: The Stars Of Spring Celebration

by Awais Nawaz
Sheshan Bamboo Shoots Gala

The Sheshan Bamboo Shoots Gala, a local festival in the suburban Songjiang District to mark the beginning of spring, is celebrating its 19th anniversary.

Legend has it that Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) once visited Songjiang. After tasting the local bamboo shoots, he praised them for their juicy taste and orchid-like fragrance and called them orchid bamboo shoots.

The opening ceremony took place at Tianma Hill Park in Sheshan Hill National Forest Park on March 26, centered around the traditional worship of mountains.

People occasionally hold rituals in China to worship a mountain or river, exhibited by things like dragon boat races and mountain harvests.

Bamboo weaving, clay sculpture, and fan painting craftsmen displayed their works and demonstrated their skills during the opening ceremony.


The festival features 3D picture taking, interactive games, bamboo dances, and digging for bamboo shoots.

“I think digging for bamboo shoots is very interesting, and it made me feel good and satisfied,” said Dong Binnan, who visited Songjiang from the downtown Xuhui District after he dug his first bamboo shoots.

Restaurants and hotels in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort, including Sheshan Forest Hotel, offered feasts themed around bamboo shoots.

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