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S. Korean smart farm technology creates cooling greenhouses in Vietnam

by Graeme Hammer
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In Hanoi, Vietnam, daytime temperatures can reach up to 37 to 38 degrees Celsius. On top of that, it often rains, and the climate is hot and humid. But to grow a certain type of crop, some smart farms in Vietnam have started off with the reverse idea of lowering the temperature rather than raising it.

Fourteen cooling, Korean-made greenhouses have been built to grow “goseul,” a type of strawberry from South Korea that’s popular in Vietnam. “To lower the temperature near the roots, the plants are sprayed with cold water made using air conditioning.”

The greenhouses are also equipped with a ventilation system and double shading screens that block sunlight. Most importantly, in order to lower temperatures, the height of the greenhouse is five meters high, twice the height of greenhouses in South Korea. The joint venture using Korean-made greenhouses is aimed at boosting agricultural exchanges between the two countries.

Built with support from the Korea Agriculture Technology Promotion Agency, this greenhouse will be operated by a South Korean company for the next five years until it is acquired by Vietnam.


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