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Russia: “Smart” city-farm created in the Tyumen region

by Graeme Hammer
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There’s a city farm in the Tyumen region that is a laboratory of the X-BIO Institute of Tyumen State University, where scientists are creating a smart farm. Connected to a neural network, the robot moves along a row of plants, determining their general condition, the presence of various diseases, and the pest damage.  

Tyumen State University is implementing the project of the West Siberian Interregional REC, “Intelligent system of biological plant protection in agro-biotech complexes.” Scientists are currently developing a common technology for plant care for large greenhouses and open fields. Experts have created a special robot that is connected to a neural network. The device moves between the rows of plants, takes pictures of them, and determines the presence of diseases and the need for watering, fertilizing, or the lack of microelements. 

Experts are supposed to create a ‘care profile’ that will address the needs of each variety of a particular crop. One of the most common problems on farms is, indeed, plant disease. The new Smart city farm will directly address this issue. 


Source: kapital-rus.ru 

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