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Refurbished bucket, tray, and crate washers price-friendly and durable

by Graeme Hammer
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Annie and Jan Janssen, founders of Limex, already built solid and flexible washing machines 30 years ago with the idea that they could easily be overhauled in the future. Thanks to advanced techniques, Limex can breathe new life into the oldest machines while maintaining good washing results. Not only is such a refurbished/reusable machine lower priced, but it is also more sustainable.

Reusable washer has lower carbon footprint than recycled washer
Reusing washers and putting refurbished washers back on the market is an environmentally friendly alternative and even more economical than fully recycling washing machines. This is because it takes a lot of energy and manpower to disassemble machine parts and melt them down into new parts.

When refurbishing a washing machine, only outdated or worn parts are replaced. Think of parts in the washing machine such as the pump, drive, and controls. It is usually the moving parts in a machine that are subject to wear. The washer is well maintained by Limex and components are replaced when necessary, so that other machine parts have a longer life. In addition, newer parts are often more economical thanks to today’s technical developments.


Limex buys back obsolete washers
In the case of an obsolete machine, Limex supports its customers in overhauling their washing machines. This can take the form of suitable spare parts and/or complete renovation of the machine.

When a machine is no longer usable, for example, due to a drastic change in the capacity of a company, Limex buys the machine back. They then refurbish this washer and put it back on the market. Together with the client, they then look at which washing machine is better suited to the current washing problem. A refurbished machine is always returned to the market upgraded, including all applicable CE safety measures and with a full warranty.


Sinner Circle for a reliable and durable result
It goes without saying that the quality of the washing process of a refurbished washer is guaranteed. This can be explained by the Sinner Circle – the washing principle that Limex applies in every installation. In this principle, four different variables are carefully balanced: chemistry, temperature, time, and power. For the best washing result, these four parameters are perfectly balanced. A proven effective washing method: not a drop of water and/or detergent is wasted unnecessarily.


The robustness of a reusable Limex washer
Two large Limex washing lines have proven their worth at the Royal FloraHolland flower auction, where they have been running for no less than 20 hours a day (!) for 10 years. When the issue of Royal FloraHolland changed, and their washing machines were replaced, these lines were completely overhauled and put into operation by vegetable producer P. van Osch and service provider Box Cleaning Services (BCS). There, these washing lines are in full use today.


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