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Podcast: growing in the desert

by Graeme Hammer
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A conversation about growing sustainable, organic farming in the middle of the desert, about BioFarm, the advancements in Agribusiness in the UAE (agri tourism opportunities), greenhouses & shade houses, the Future of Agriculture, and all the challenges and opportunities out there, and how the future of family farming looks like. Yazen Al Kodmani is a seasoned organic farm manager who has developed and overseen a proven hybridization of large-scale organic farming, agritourism, and retail in the UAE. With over a decade of experience, he has transformed over 25 hectares of arid land into a profitable wholesale and direct-to-consumer farm and tourist destination. He has also established 3Y Agtech, an agritech consulting firm to address the regional food security challenges, which brings together the expertise of experienced consultants, developers, and farmers.

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