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Plant Empowerment introduces Plant Empowerment Academy

by Graeme Hammer

Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach to the cultivation process based on plants’ natural sustainability, efficiency, and resilience and uses physiological and physical principles instead of green fingers and feeling. Now they are organizing a new concept: the Plant Empowerment Academy. 

In their book “Plant Empowerment the basic principles,” the authors ir. P.A.M. Geelen, ir. J.O. Voogt and ing. P.A. van Weel have given a powerful, innovative impulse to the worldwide pursuit of sustainable and profitable greenhouse horticulture.

Since its introduction in 2018, Plant Empowerment has enjoyed increasing international interest from growers, researchers, consultants, knowledge institutions, and policymakers. The book, available in Dutch, English, and Spanish, has already sold many thousands of copies in more than thirty countries. For more information and ordering, check www.plantempowerment.academy. 

In the meantime, the concept of Plant Empowerment developed from a seedling to a grownup plant. First of all, Plant Empowerment is already the fundament of the Dutch innovation program Het Nieuwe Telen (Next Generation Growing) for years. Also, more and more suppliers integrate the concept into the application of their products. And last but not least, the knowledge is implemented in the curriculum of many schools and universities both nationally and internationally.

That is why the time is ready to introduce a new, open, and independent platform to bring knowledge and experience together: the new website www.PlantEmpowerment.Academy.

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Within the academy, they invite growers, suppliers, researchers, teachers, students, trainers, producers of teaching materials, etc., to meet each other, exchange knowledge and experiences and jointly develop new insights into sustainable cultivation in learning communities.

From July 1st, you are welcome on www.plantempowerment.academy!

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