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Pakistan must take advantage of Chinese agri achievements: Zhao Shireen

by Mazhar Ali
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LAHORE: Zhao Shireen, the Chinese Consul General in Lahore, on Wednesday said that China will continue its support and cooperation with Pakistan for joint research to evolve best quality more new varieties of high yield hybrid rice seed for bumper crop.

“Pakistan must take advantage of agricultural achievements made by Chinese private sector.”

Chinese CG Zhao Shireen expressed the view while speaking during his visit to head office of Guard Agricultural Research and Services here on Wednesday.

Talking to Chairman Pakistan Hi Tech Hybrid Seed Association and CEO Shahzad Ali Malik Sitar-I-Imtiaz and senior executive Momin Ali Malik, the Chinese Consul General stressed the need for further strengthening cooperation in the agriculture sector and entering into more Joint ventures for research on modern scientific lines to boost yield per acre in Pakistan.

Zhao Shireen said there was vast scope for investment in agricultural sector, adding that China was proud that Guard Agricultural Research and Services evolved first ever hybrid rice seed in collaboration and joint ventures of Chinese counterpart Longping Hi Tech Industry.

Speaking on the occasion, Shahzad Ali Malik said Guard Agricultural Research and Services is the pioneer in introducing hybrid coarse rice seed in Pakistan that developed a new ‘Extra long grain super hybrid rice’ heat tolerant seed with double per acre yield and length after cooking as compared to competitor existing varieties.


Senior Executive Momin Ali Malik said that Guard Agricultural Research is working to bring such seeds to market which can ensure prosperity for the growers and food security for the country’s ever-increasing population.

He said they partnered with their Chinese counterparts in 1998 and since then they are putting in efforts to bring high-yielding varieties and have tolerance against climate change as well. He claimed that the new variety can produce more than 100 maunds per acre provided taken good care of it.

Final data is being completed as harvesting is still underway at different places, Momin added.

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