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Over 1000 km of irrigation canals are being reconstructed in Kazakhstan

by Robert Hijmans
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Over a thousand kilometers of irrigation canals are being reconstructed in the Aksu district of the Zhetysu region, a Khabar 24 correspondent reports. This reconstruction will solve the issue of irrigation of almost 12,000 hectares. Foreign investors are financing the reconstruction works.

In past years, the water got to farmer Bauyrzhan Zhakypbekov’s fields through the old canals in three days. Now it gets there in a couple of hours. This makes it possible to water sugar beets, soybeans, and corn with sprinklers. 

“‘Fregat’ gives 100% irrigation and increases yields. In the future, we plan to completely switch to automate irrigation. In autumn, we will install drip irrigation,” said the farmer Baurzhan Zhakypbekov. 

“We completed mechanical cleaning at the end of 2021. This year, we have been working on the construction of hydraulic structures, and there are approximately 594 pieces,” Muratbay Nurov, project manager, explains. 


“Now, we will cover 90 percent of all fields with irrigation from the Aksu River. The main thing is that water losses will amount to almost zero. This will ensure crops are irrigated properly, thus increasing their quality,” said Adilmurat Nurgeldin, head of the Almaty branch of the State Enterprise Kazsuhar. 

Source: 24.kz 

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