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“Our continued growth in this vibrant industry in the UK and Ireland is guaranteed”

by Graeme Hammer
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CMW, a Bosman Van Zaal company, now has a new corporate identity, which better “exemplifies our ambition for growth within the technical horticultural sector of the UK and Ireland,” the CMW team said.

Sharing technical knowledge and local insights
CMW Horticulture from East Yorkshire became a Bosman Van Zaal company in April 2021. “The acquisition of CMW Horticulture has given Bosman Van Zaal a strong base in the UK, from which they will further expand their market share. Technical knowledge and local insights are shared, and the alliance has already proven to be successful,” the team commented. 

The new CMW vans


New branding to further support growth
CMW will adapt to the branding of Bosman Van Zaal. The name CMW Horticulture will remain unchanged, and so will the entire team, guaranteeing service and maintenance of all greenhouses and greenhouse installations. “Last year proved that their high-tech knowledge allows us to better support growers in all sectors of the horticultural industry. This way, our continued growth and success in this vibrant industry in the UK and Ireland is guaranteed”, says Ian Metcalfe, Managing Director of CMW.

A Bosman Van Zaal company
CMW Horticulture has already carried out several projects. These include projects for the food and floricultural sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and agrotechnical companies. “CMW continues to provide irrigation and electrical installations, control systems and software, hygiene equipment, pest and disease control, screening systems, cultivation, and automation solutions to its client base. The sharing of technical knowledge within the group has broadened CMW’s exposure to logistics and robotics for vertical farming and polythene greenhouses with modern data collection and analysis and further strengthened its position at the forefront of horticulture,” they conclude. 

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