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Online Marketplace Launched ‘Peterborough Microgreens’: A Family-owned Business

by Lynette Abbott
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Peterborough Microgreens

Peterborough Microgreens, a family-owned, sustainable urban farm in the west end of Peterborough that have been providing premium quality microgreens year-round for the area since December 2020. , have officially launched an online store supplying their microgreens products.

Stephanie Hendren, creator of Peterborough Microgreens, was one of the ten women that took part in the first cohort of the Innovation Cluster’s Women Breaking Barriers program. The business uses vertical farming to achieve mass plant growth within a small space. The business is working towards becoming a carbon negative farm by using green power and implementing sustainable business practices, and is one of the only microgreen providers in Ontario to use compostable packaging.

“Microgreens can sit on your window sill and are easy to harvest at home,” says Hendren. “As the pandemic continues on, more people are looking for healthy lifestyle habits. I hope our customers can adopt these habits now and continue on following the pandemic.”

Hendren has been growing microgreens on her kitchen window sill for years after being introduced to them by her professional chef sister. She runs Peterborough Microgreens with her partner Daniel Etmanski, who specializes in building climate controlled grow rooms for indoor farming.

“Stephanie is the perfect example of a strong founder who created a new and sustainable business opportunity during COVID-19,” says Rosalea Terry, leader of the WBB Program, Marketing Manager and Senior Innovation Specialist. “The targeted Women Breaking Barriers program was able to help her accelerate the business in just six months, from idea to launch.”


“I am excited to provide the Peterborough community with a healthy and delicious product that is good for them, good for the community, and good for the planet,” adds Hendren.

As the long winter season continues, Peterborough Microgreens aims to make healthy eating accessible. Five varieties of live microgreens are now available for order, including pea shoots, broccoli, mustard, clover, and a radish mix, with free delivery offered within Peterborough.

To order, visit their website at peterboroughmicrogreens.com/

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