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Olive Oil Proved to Be Effective Against Cancer

by Edward Buckler

Turkey: A cancer patient, Gamze Deniz, used a natural olive-oil remedy for her cancer treatment which significantly improved her health condition. This natural treatment boosted her recovery from the deadliest disease.

In 2017, she started receiving chemo and radiotherapy after being diagnosed with the deadly disease. Later, these therapies started showing their side effect, second degree skin burns.

To cure the skin burns she started applying the virgin olive oil on her skin regularly after each cycle of chemo and radiotherapy.

After her recovery, she planned to share her experience and started her virgin olive oil exclusive shop in Bodrum – Aegean Hills Resort.

Gamze Deniz Stance

While sharing her experience, she said that she hasn’t experienced any side effects which normally cancer patients face. In her two-year treatment, she didn’t feel physical weakness which severely effects the patient’s treatment and recovery speed.

Usually, cancer patient loses their hair during chemo and radiotherapy, but the continuous use of Olive Oil saved me from this bad memory.

My experience with olive oil could be very motivational for all cancer patients, especially for women. For them losing hair means embarrassment, therefore olive oil is very effective against cancer to avoid treatment stress.

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Olive Oil is Effective Against Cancer

Scientific Stance

“Use of olive oil by cancer patients during chemotherapy would be very helpful in DNA and RNA repair”, says Aziz Sankar, a Nobel laureate.

In the latest research, it has been revealed that oil extracted from sharks and high-quality olive oil have the same nutritional properties.

Gamze Deniz Stance Olive Oil Proved to Be Effective Against Cancer

In several studies, it is been proved that olive oil lowers the effect of malignant neoplasms. Olive oil contains rich phenolic components which are very effective to lower the cancer risk and carcinogens.

Mediterranean diet in which olive oil being a fundamental component showed very positive results against cancer, says Borzi.

Researchers say that a deep understanding of the nutritional composition of olive oil would help scientists develop nutritional supplements and medicines to quickly treat cancer.

Olive oil could be very effective against cancer treatment and state-organized research should be started to develop better treatment strategies.