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OGVG collaborates with the municipality of Leamington on greenhouse lighting challenges

by Graeme Hammer
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The Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) would like to recognize the recently approved bylaw for supplemental greenhouse lighting.

OGVG and the Municipality of Leamington had been engaged in discussions for several months to ensure an effectively revised bylaw that addressed community concerns while also providing greenhouse farms with the ability to utilize new technologies to stay competitive in a global marketplace.

“We are proud to work closely with our community, OMAFRA, and the municipality’s administration to get to the most-right outcome for everyone. A big thanks to chief administrative officer Peter Neufeld, mayor Hilda MacDonald and the town council for their continued communication and taking the time to get this right,” said George Gilvesy, chair of OGVG’s board. “This collaboration sets us on a path for greater prosperity and well-being across the community and the region.”

A light curtain closure at an Ontario greenhouse. 


OGVG worked with the municipality to revise and update the bylaw, incorporating key amendments that best satisfied the needs of the community as well as those of the farms.

“Supplemental lighting is a necessary practice to support the continual growth and development of vegetable plants, which in turn allows OGVG membership to grow and provide access to fresh and nutritious produce year-round,” said Joe Sbrocchi, OGVG executive director and GM. “Our membership is committed to doing the right thing: growing safe and nutritious food and ensuring a robust domestic food supply. It is collaborations such as this one, as well as others yet to come, that are key to our future collective prosperity. Furthermore, it maintains our global leadership in greenhouse growing and continues to contribute to the province of Ontario’s bright future.”

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