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New UK Research Centre Aims to Enable Farmers Against Climate Change

by Edward Buckler
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new agriculture research center Against Climate Change

UK: On Feb 01, 2021, a new agriculture research center has been launched aiming to develop methods to enable farmers to effectively retaliate against changing climate.

The Norwich institute of sustainable development is primarily focusing to develop methods and help farmers achieve national sustainable agriculture goals. Rapidly changing global climate is impacting global agricultural production as well as severally impacting cultivatable lands. Increasing temperature, sudden droughts, and extreme weather are some heavily impacting climatic factors that are now the center of focus for researchers.

It is expected that in coming years, there will be 3% to 10% yield loss will take place with each degree rise in global warming. Therefore, researchers are prioritizing to develop methods and techniques by which they can enable and train farmers to take effective precautions and actions against climate change.

Due to increasing global warming, a decrease in total agriculture yield will ultimately hype the prices of food commodities and agricultural raw materials. This inflation will increase the total production cost of farmers and will result in economic instability, preferably in agriculture-dependent nations.

During the launching ceremony, the research director, Professor Nithya Rao said: “The rapidly changing climate, extreme and violent weather are some of the most critical factors that the global agriculture sector is facing nowadays.”


“Therefore, it is very important to timely act and plan different techniques to overcome unreliable climatic conditions. If we would not act quickly, pretty soon the people of UK a will face a wave of food scarcity as well as insufficient availability of daily nutrition like bread, cereals, etc.” Rao said.

With the improved agricultural technologies and research centers, it is now our duty to create a sustainable agriculture sector by which we can increase food production and reduce the impact of global warming on staple crops.

Another side effect of rising global warming, the common pests, and disease vectors are also developing resistance to the environment and available controls. These biotic factors are causing an additional loss during harvest because of which annual yields are declining over the years.

The research director also said that the center is motivated to support the farmers and the UK government in developing solutions for global problems to improve the world food supply. Moreover, this new research center is a joint venture between Quadram Institute, Earlham Institute, and the Sainsbury laboratory.


These three centers are contributing a lot to promote agriculture by making continuous efforts in global agricultural research. Additionally, John Inns foundation funded the center by making a contribution of £7,50,000 to take part in global food security.


Researchers say that with the increase in prices of food commodities the nutritional quality of the food will also get badly affected. Therefore, it is very important for us to enable our farmers to understand and train them to combat global factors so that they cannot lose interest in farming and quality food production.


Moreover, to protect the environment argentine farmers go carbon neutral to save agriculture and biodiversity which makes it a step toward sustainable agriculture.

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