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New type of pipe rail trolley added to BeNomic line

by Graeme Hammer
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Berg Hortimotive is introducing a new type of pipe rail trolley at GreenTech Amsterdam, the BeNomic EasyStar. In addition, the two existing pipe rail trolleys have been optimized and given a new name at the same time. With this new BeNomic line, there is a suitable solution for every type of customer in every market.

Introduction BeNomic EasyStar
During the international horticultural exhibition GreenTech Amsterdam, Berg Hortimotive will introduce the BeNomic EasyStar. Sjef Loomans, Sales Manager at Berg Hortimotive: “The addition of the BeNomic EasyStar to our range of pipe rail trolleys creates a suitable solution for every type of customer in every market. Previously, there was a specific market that we could not serve because the product range available at the time was too ambitious. That market was looking for an entry-level pipe rail trolley. We started working with this knowledge, and the BeNomic EasyStar was born.” 

Optimization and name change of existing BeNomic pipe rail trolleys
Besides the new BeNomic EasyStar, the two existing pipe rail trolley variants have been optimized and renamed at the same time. The former BENOMIC S-line will be known as BeNomic Star PRO and will be available in the well-known models 350, 500, and 660. The former BENOMIC STAR will be called BeNomic Star 300. “The optimization will save costs, especially in transport, as many more machines can be stored, for example, in one container. Moreover, in this way, we are once again contributing to sustainable horticulture,” says Loomans.


Present at GreenTech Amsterdam
The various BeNomic types can be admired during GreenTech Amsterdam, which takes place from 14-16 June. Berg Hortimotive will have a joint stand with Royal Brinkman and HortiKey in hall 1, stand number 01.230. Berg Hortimotive’s representatives will be happy to discuss which type of BeNomic pipe rail trolley is most suitable for you.

Available through (inter)national dealer network
The BeNomic pipe rail trolleys are exclusively available through the Berg Hortimotive (inter)national dealer network. More information can be found on: https://berghortimotive.com/en/benomic-serie or from one of its dealers.

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