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New ToBRFV-resistant varieties presented for Mexico

by Graeme Hammer
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At a recent celebratory conference in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Enza Zaden presented the trial data accompanied by seven new commercial HR ToBRFV varieties specifically adapted for Mexican growing conditions. The varieties include two indeterminate Roma types, two indeterminate beef types, and three grape types.

“It’s very exciting news for Mexican growers, seed dealers, and industry stakeholders. After two years of extensive trialing in Mexico and other countries, we have HR ToBRFV varieties available now for shadehouses, greenhouses, and high-tech greenhouses across Mexico,” said Oscar Lara, Senior Tomato Product Specialist Enza Zaden.

High Resistance is an important part of an ongoing and integrated fight against ToBRFV. Enza Zaden discovered the HR ToBRFV gene in 2020 and launched HR varieties for Mexico just two years later.


Oscar Lara, Senior Tomato Product Specialist, Enza Zaden 

“Data collection from our breeding station in Culiacan and from allied growers across the country plays a key role in our ongoing efforts to control the rugose for our customers here and all over the world,” said Antonio de Sainz, Commercial Director for Mexico, Enza Zaden.

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