New Technique for Detecting Content of Tea

Beijing: 2nd Nov. 2020: A new technique for detecting the content of the tea, polyphenols – a key ingredient of drinks, has been introduced by Chinese researchers.

Researcher from Chinese-Academy of Agricultural Science has developed this method to measures the total poly-phenol content within 10min from a tea sample. This process is way more effective than the traditional.

According to one of the researchers, Lu Chengyin, tea poly-phenols are the basic ingredients of taste and health in drinks made from tea leaves. However, traditional methods of poly-phenols detection are very complex and typically take more than two-hours.

The new method, which uses paper-backed microfluidic analyzers, reduces detection time, saves reagents, and use simple equipment’s. It offers good prospects for real time tea production monitoring and consumer self-test kits.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels.

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