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New recruitment agency Your Link kicks off

by Graeme Hammer
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After many enjoyable years of working together within Lutgo HR, Goos Bartels and Jos Bouhuijzen go their separate ways as of 1 July 2022.

Goos will continue his recruitment and selection activities in collaboration with Kim Heemskerk under the new name Your Link. Until the end of 2021, Kim owned her own transport company and is currently in the second year of her HR study. The pair will be joined by a Back Office Recruiter.

On 1 July, You Link will be relocating to another building on the Zwarteweg 121 in Aalsmeer, just a stone’s throw from FloraHolland.


Ongoing procedures will be taken over unchanged. For candidates, nothing will change except the company details (as below).

Jos Bouhuijzen will continue his professional activities with Lutgo HR.

For more information:
Your Link
Zwarteweg 121
1431 VL Aalsmeer
Goos Bartels +31(0)615529042 
Kim Heemskerk +31(0)625031670
E: [email protected]


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