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Naturvillan is a self-sufficient, off-grid A-frame greenhouse home in Sweden

by Graeme Hammer
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Sweden-based company Naturvillan creates homes that aim for a minimal environmental footprint, fitted with reliable energy-efficient solutions, ecological materials, protective climate shells, automatic irrigation, and ecocycle-systems giving back nutrients from wastewater to the in-house garden plants. Offering four different types, the company is currently selling Atri, a unique building, steady on the ground and stretching towards the sky. 

Atri is a climate-smart A-frame greenhouse villa with its own system for heating, electricity, water, and nutrient recovery completely off-grid.

Naturvillan includes highly engineered systems and components, which have been developed after years of working and living in nature houses. Located on the shores of Lake Vänern, the house features mile-wide lake views and a natural plot with beautiful rock slabs.

The design language of the natural villa was based on following the tapered, pointed triangular-like peaks of the conifers. The shape gives, up close, a very strong visual architecture with a very stable base directly on the mountain. The house then decreases with the height where the house blends in among the treetops and harmonizes with the landscape, which from a distance gives a naturally conceivable humble impression.


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