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Nathalie Kelley on looking to our indigenous past for a regenerative future

by Graeme Hammer
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Regenerative agriculture has been a big buzzword for a few years now and together with carbon, still dominates the majority of conversations around agrifood’s role in combatting climate change, including big campaigns by major corporations committing to use it as a means to bring greenhouse gas emissions down.

But it’s nothing new. As our guest in this week’s episode of NEW FOOD ORDER told us, indigenous populations have been using regenerative practices for millennia. Hollywood actress, regenerative activist, and Kiss the Ground board member Nathalie Kelley says that instead of looking to businesses who are coopting this term for the first time for the way forward, we should engage with and learn from indigenous populations and their deep history with these practices.

Nat is a wonderful storyteller and shares a very personal story about the history of her Quechua family in Peru relating to the use of agrichemicals, which some people might find upsetting.

Some of what she shares may also seem radical to many of you in the business world, and I debated with her the role of technology in the positive transformation of the food system. But as many of you are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we invite you to celebrate the wisdom of indigenous communities across the world and hope this episode allows you to reflect but also be inspired to think in new ways about the issues we consider every day.


What to expect from this episode with Nathalie Kelley:

  • The human and environmental costs of our climate crisis and industrial agriculture 
  • The connection between personal health and planetary health
  • Why and what we can learn from indigenous peoples to build a regenerative future and feed the world
  • Indigenous and low-tech solutions to combating climate change issues
  • Nathalie’s regenerative learning journey 
  • Tips for starting your own regenerative learning journey
  • Practical changes we can make in our everyday lives

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