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Montserrat: Rotary Club to install 150 sq ft hydroponics greenhouse at Brades School

by Robert Hijmans
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The Rotary Club of Montserrat has announced the construction and installation of a 150 sq ft hydroponics greenhouse at the Brades Primary School. This donation will support the primary school in pursuing hands-on learning in the subject of Agriculture.

The installation of the greenhouse at the school saw the erection of a structure adjacent to the entrance of the school, the construction of tables for equipment, and the outfitting of hydroponics equipment within the space. During the students’ agriculture lessons, Agricultural Officer Mr. Elvis Gerald will support the school by introducing students to hydroponics and cultivating food for consumption. This is the only hydroponics facility within the schools in Montserrat.

President of the Rotary Club of Montserrat, Ms. Siobhan Tuitt, stated: “We’re so happy to be able to donate this greenhouse to the school! It’s been a project that we’ve been trying to get off the ground for years, and this year we’ve been lucky enough to receive a range of support to do it. When we approached the Ministry of Agriculture to support this project, they were equally as excited as we were to get it off the ground, and we’re tremendously grateful to them for their sponsorship. Agriculture is such an important part of our lives, and knowing that we’re able to contribute to this sector’s development, as well as the education of our youth, is truly a positive feeling for our club members.”

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